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Why should you make a will?

  • If you die without a Will you will be deemed to have died intestate and the Government will distribute your estate according to the rules of intestacy. The people who inherit may not be your choices.
  • A surviving spouse or civil partner may not necessarily inherit a family home.
  • If you have an unmarried partner there is no automatic right to inherit under the rules of intestacy.
  • If there had been a desire for charities or unrelated people to inherit this will not happen.
  • Children will inherit at age 18 under the rules of intestacy but you may think this is far too young to have large sums of money at their disposal.
  • Dying without a Will may result in a significant additional Inheritance Tax Liability.
  • If you die intestate and have children money might be tied up in inflexible trusts until your children reach the age of 18. In addition a spouse may have limited access to capital, only being able to have access to income from the capital rather than the capital itself.
  • There can be higher legal fees for sorting out an Estate where someone dies intestate.
  • Where you die without a Will and have children someone would need to apply to the courts to be appointed as a guardian. Far better to make your intentions clear in advance rather than have a family squabble as to who is going to look after the children.
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